"Serving and Honoring ALL Those Who Serve Us"



Military Ministry Background

OLPH Military Ministry started in July 2011.


Military Ministry Chronological Milestones

Conceived: Late, 2010

Launched: July 3, 2011

Gold Ribbons: July 3, 2011

Vet Recognition: July, 3 2011

Logo Created: November, 2011

Photo Board: July, 2012

Challenge Coin: June, 2014

Ministry Shirts: November, 2014

Ministry Jackets: November, 2015

Funeral Assist: September, 2016

Dress Shirts:  November, 2016

Hats introduced: May, 2017

Flag over casket: July 5, 2017

Ministry banner: November, 2017

Vests introduced: March, 2018

First MM Mass: November, 2018 (Veteran's Day)

Texas Resolution #351: March 19, 2019


Military Ministry Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin is available to each Military Veteran.


Military Ministry Filling Mass Ministries, 2018 Veterans Day Social, Fr Frank's Quilt of Valor, and Texas Senator Campbell Visit.


Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller Thank You Note