"Serving and Honoring ALL Those Who Serve Us"

"In Their Own Words"


Don S

 I suggested starting a Military Ministry in 2011 while on the Pastoral Council and launched it to celebrate Independence Day. The new Ministry provided an immediate opportunity for parishioners to gather and share their love of country and past military experiences; a Ministry whose members are like-minded in their support of Veterans.

Veteran and non-Veteran members have commented to me that the Ministry has fulfilled personal needs or allowed them to regain a feeling of "belonging" to an organization focusing on service to Veterans. The Ministry has touched PTSD victims, wounded warriors, and Veterans having a litany of serious needs.

Senator Donna Campbell, Chair of the Texas Veteran's Affairs Committee, honored our Ministry for its service to Veterans with Resolution #351, March 19, 2019; reproduced herein.

Ministry members wear distinctive gold shirts at all second weekend Masses and are recognized by the Celebrant. A "SOCIAL" launched the Ministry and is repeated on second Sundays, nine months, annually.

In July, 2017, the Ministry introduced a funeral assistance service to honor Parish-Veterans when requested by the Veteran's spouse or family.

We have enjoyed many milestones over eight years. I am grateful for the Ministry's success in service to OLPH Veterans.

Bill H.

The OPLH Military Ministry gathers together active duty, veterans and their spouses from all branches of the service.  Yes, we socialize.  Yes, we relive the past times together in service to our country.  Yes, we have a great time when we meet.  What we never forget is that "Freedom is not free - it's expensive!"

The people I meet on a regular basis have paid the price for freedom and have never asked for a penny in return.  May the Good Lord watch over them and protect them always.  God Bless America.   

Jacob Z.

When I retired from the Air Force six years ago, I really missed the camaraderie of the “team” and association with a group that had the same mindset as I.

There was no place I could find the same feeling that I left behind, and I tried a number of different groups and places. About the only place I could find with other men and women having similar attitudes I have about the military and Veterans is the Randolph gym.

I wanted a place where I felt comfortable and accepted, where people understood me and I could share my experiences with them. I found that place in the OLPH Military Ministry.

I love the Ministry, the people, and the job we’re doing for the Veterans at OLPH.

Judith M.

When I first joined OLPH I went to the ministry fair in search of a ministry that would satisfy my interest in camaraderie with others and unity of mission…a purpose.

I just wanted to be of service to others.

After 22 years in the Army and seeing so many other Veterans that need, perhaps nothing more than to be with other Veterans, to talk, to laugh, to tell stories, I find the Military Ministry is the one ministry that gives me a chance to be myself without offending other parishioners, and befriend other Vets, some of whom have PTSD.

The Military Ministry is my connection with the Veterans I love, lets me support my country as a proud American…and help other Veterans.